9 APRIL 2015 - 19 MAY 2015



Gallery residency: 9 April - 26 April

Exhibition: 28 April - 19 May


From the 9th of April, ceramic sculptor Eva Masterman took part in our first gallery residency. For three weeks Masterman based her studio practice in our London gallery space while she prepared for her solo exhibition STUDIO, running until 19 May. 

The artist's studio has taken on almost mythical status in the minds of art lovers and historians: a private place where the alchemy of art happens away from the prying eyes of the uninitiated. STUDIO invites the viewer into this intimate environment, recreated in the gallery. During the Residency portion of the show we invited visitors to come and view the artist's process as she created a new body of work that explores ideas of repetition and perfection versus the flawed one-off. Masterman has established a rhythmic, repetitive manufacturing process, gradually filling the space around her with sculptures and the traces of their production. 

From the 28th April, the resulting installation has been on show as an exhibition.