The Royal Society of Sculptors and William Benington Gallery are delighted to announce the return of the Spotlight award. In previous years Spotlight has offered Society members the opportunity to apply for a solo exhibition in a commercial gallery in London. This year, for the first time, the successful applicant has been awarded the opportunity to show within the context of Contemporary Sculpture Fulmer. We are delighted to announce that the 2018 Spotlight award winner is Marco Miehling. A word from the artist:


Birdwatching is an occupation, trying to see what you hear and hear what you see. It’s a form of external and internal observation.

People of all ages watch birds – it is both a recreational and scientific activity, one you can keep doing all your life. The flights and calls of birds can foretell the future!

The installation, Among Her Leisure Occupations is Birdwatching, takes the form of the temporary occupation of a woodland clearing at Contemporary Sculpture Fulmer. Together, the sculptures create a place to contemplate our relationship with the space, it’s length, width, height, and our own. Rather than a sculpture-in-a-place, the installation creates a sculpture-as-a-place.

Among Her Leisure Occupations is Birdwatching opposes the structures of vacillation and intrinsic doubt of its construction. Its physical form is always manifest in a fragile state, and by that, the setting produces a state of a venture. The two sculptures are temporarily rooted into the natural surroundings. Only by that, they are able to have an autonomous nomadic manifestation and appearance – without any supporting structure or concrete foundation. The result is temporary self-preservation.

The inner structure is fractionalised and completes itself at the moment of installation. Therefore, and from the outset, the work exists in interrelation with the meticulous action of installing; their contradictory temporality. As a consequence, implementation always leads from the fragment to complete materialisation.

The installation does not depend on an exclusively retinal assessment and activity. Rather, it is prescribed by its construction of holding itself together and its proportions referencing Da Vinci’s The Vitruvian Man – a proportion system based on the human body. It dissociates itself from intentional temptation that is based on the evocation of emotions and persuasion; here, their relation to false purposefulness is appointed. On the one hand, the materiality of steel is opposing to the natural environment; On the other hand, its proportion and construction is in reference to it.

Both sculptures use cable winch pullers as a primary source to create tension. Its functionality is based on the concept of the Wheel and Axle – one of the Six Simple Machines announced in the Renaissance. the Wheel and Axle is a simple lifting machine consisting of a rope/cable which unwinds from a wheel onto a cylindrical drum or shaft joined to the wheel to provide mechanical advantage. By that, it is defined – next to the others Simple Machines – as the simplest mechanism that uses mechanical advantage to multiply force.

Among Her Leisure Occupations is Birdwatching PT. I

Variable Dimensions

Mild Steel, Cable Winch Puller, Swivel Eye Bolts, Steel Cable Wire


Among Her Leisure Occupations is Birdwatching PT. II

Variable Dimensions

Mild Steel, Cable Winch Puller, Eye Bolt, Latex Rope