14TH OCTOBER 2014 - 14TH NOVEMBER 2014




“The truth is that we change without ceasing, and that the state itself is nothing but change.”
Henri Bergson, Creative Evolution

William Benington Gallery was pleased to present an installation of new work by British sculptor Owen BullettMatter & Memory consists of large sculpted elements within the gallery space, each an independent form and yet intrinsically linked. Continuing an ongoing inquiry into the notion of volume and void, directional and opposite forces, the real and the imagined, Matter & Memory could be seen as a monument to the present. Inspired by the gallery's proximity to Sadler's Wells dance theatre, Owen is collaborating with performer Jamie Wood and sound designer Dominic Kennedy. For the private view they will stage an intervention within the gallery creating an environment of heightened physical awareness.

The gallery space is dominated by a giant sphere, the edges of which are sketched out using chainsawed sections of English oak, pinned using coloured pegs. Whether forming an open or a closed form, a protective structure or an overbearing net, the sections each exist as traces of a powerful physical action upon the wood. Beyond this is a stacked pile of rough oak spheres, carved from the inside of the larger spherical sculpture. The sculpture’s conical form is reminiscent of a cairn or way-marker suggesting a repeated journey and the passage of time.

“My mental state, as it advances on the road of time, is continually swelling with the duration which it accumulates: it goes on increasing-rolling upon itself, as a snowball on the snow.”    
Henri Bergson, Creative Evolution

This metaphor illustrated by Bergson has been lodged in Bullett's mind for a number of years, gradually gaining in relevance and coming increasingly clearly into focus. The idea of the present being an amalgamation of pasts is a potent one, and through his installation Bullett proposes a constant change of states: formal, physical and metaphorical.