28 February - 14 April 2019

“Hello George,

I found what I was looking for and tidied it up a bit. It's a description of a dream I had probably this time last year, maybe before. 

I write them down in my sketchbook/notebook - it's the same thing - and have done since I was 19. I don't write all of them down, just the memorable or interesting ones. I remember discussing this one with my psychoanalyst. 

I think I was on the beach on the Isle of Wight or maybe in the Karoo desert, South Africa. My analyst says that when we dream of a place we are in fact dreaming about a person and our relationship to that person.

This show has a lot to do with this dream.

So to be clear, it's not a story, it's a dream written down and the sparseness and silence described are very typical of my dreams. In truth there is often little difference between the two.

I am alone in this place. It is empty and flat and the ground looks like sand but it is hard and does not move under my feet. There are evenly spread hundreds of round stones never larger than a fist. I think I can make out the familiar white luminance of water on the horizon, but I cannot hear the sea. The sky is bright blue, but I cannot find the sun. Nothing moves. There are no people, or animals, or birds. It doesn’t look like there’s anything to do here and I walk around without knowing how far I must go. I pick up a red-ish brown stone, turn it around in my hand and put it down on the ground again. It makes a hollow sounding noise. I do this a few times. When I find my way back, I will remember this place and I what I did here, that I really did nothing at all.

I'm not sure about the word luminance. Technically it's correct but I think glow sounds more like something I would say.

Hope this helps,