• 2 July - 13 August 2015

Samuel Zealey - Everything must go

William Benington Gallery is pleased to announce Everything Must Go, the latest solo exhibition by prize winning sculptor Samuel Zealey.

Built single-handedly by an Italian immigrant, the 
Watts Towers in South Central Los Angeles, still stands in the back yard of a former Italian tile mason’s home. For 33 years - between 1921 and 1954 - Sabato Rodia worked to create unique monuments reaching up to 100 feet high. These concrete structures built by hand, wrapped in wire mesh and covered in mortar, tiles, ceramics and glass, were constructed out of his own volition - and are a described by Buckminster Fuller in his last recorded interview - as one man's initiative to show the beauty in nature and its principles through these architectural and sculptural wonders.

The London based artist Samuel Zealey is on a similar quest; embarking on sculptures and prototypes, which suggest his own lifetime's endeavour and purpose. Zealey's work first came to prominence in 2009, when he was a finalist in BBC 2's School of Saatchi T.V. series. At the time his installations revolved around scientific ideas, which echoed Nikola Tesla's interests in electricity, magnets and sound. Today - Zealey's practice occupies a complex territory between engineering, art historical references and the societal impact of man on nature. His previous experimental machines and installations have developed to reflect concerns closer to his heart. In this latest exhibition he combines the futurist vision of Fuller, the playful resolute purposefulness of Rodia, and the magic of Tesla.

David - Chewing On The Past is a perfect example. This recent sculpture invites the audience to place their 'chewed' gum upon the pristine surface of Michelangelo's 'David'. In doing so, he suggests that the classical ethical ideas of ancient civilisations are being lost to a throwaway bubble-gum veneer. Ethics and aesthetics form part of axiology - the philosophical study of value - and it this work, which sets the exhibition's tone, through the poignant treatment and wit to this replica of Michelangelo's renaissance masterpiece. Natures Monument (Energy is not created nor destroyed) - is a similar but very different interactive work. Taking an obelisk composed of birdseed, lard and suet, when exposed to nature it will be eaten slowly by wildlife - and once digested - it will become part of the land that this monument came from.

Also presented are Zealey's familiar Think Tanks - magnetic wall-boards where the flow of his research and ideas are made evident for us to see, alongside more playful toy-like sculptures such as Totem-Top - a new work inspired by a 'spinning top'. This aerodynamically engineered, simple yet brilliant invention is utilised by him to create Solar System Sun Dial; an elaborate spinning top sequence sustained with the aid of a customised solar powered gyroscope. Its engineering and complexity are impossible to dissociate with childhood memories, but its innocence contains the gravitas of Zealey's intentions. In Precarious Protrusion (The Jenga structure) - he makes these clearer, with his reenactment of this familiar man-made game, presented on faux natural bedrock. Like Sabato Rodia - this monument will reach to the sky, but not just for aggrandisement’s sake or celebration, but also to remind us of the ephemeral ‘humanity’ we have built upon the timeless foundations of nature - and this game’s inevitable conclusion of collapse - as a reminder to be careful of our every step taken on this earth.

Juan Bolivar, June 2015




2010 - 12, Royal College of Art, London (Prof Richard Wentworth)

2005 - 08, Wimbledon College of Art, London (Derek Harris)

2004 - 05, Thurrock & Basildon College, Essex



2012 - 2014, Founder of Pangaea Sculptors’ Centre - 


At Present

2014 – 15, Developing ‘Helix’ Spitalfields public sculpture commission


Prizes, Awards and Selections

2015 February, Winner - Bracknell Public Sculpture Commission £20,000 

2014 September, Nominated - Golborne Public Sculpture Commission 

2014 June, Winner - private funding £5,000

2014 September, Winner - Spitalfields Public Sculpture Commission Award

2013 October, Winner - Broomhill National Sculpture Prize 2013 

2013 May, Finalist - The FACK! West London Art Prize

2012 November, Nominated - The Catlin Art Prize 

2012 October, Nominated - Berlin Projects, The Art Factory Gallery, Berlin 

2012 April, Winner - Deutsche Bank Award for Creative Enterprises (RCA), Proposal – Pangaea Sculptors’ Centre (PSC)

2010 June, Selected member - the Royal British Society of Sculptors Bursary award   

2010 January, Shortlisted - A Curriculum A foundation artist residency 

2009 April, The Royal Academy Summer Show   

2009 April - September, Finalist - BBC2 School of Saatchi Best of British




Channel4 John Nole management

Bouke de Vries - (patron of the Contemporary Arts Society)

Cosima Bucarelli 

Chris Jermyn 

Museum of Mechanical Art and Design. 

Kinetica Museum 

Andrew Williams CFIC 

Broomhill Sculpture Foundation



2014 - 15, Spitalfields Public Sculpture Commission, London

2013 June, Broomhill Sculpture Park, Broomhill

2009 July, In collaboration with The Saatchi Gallery, Hastings temporary pubic sculpture commission, Hastings


Art fairs

2012 February, Kinetica Art Fair, P3 Marylebone Road, London

2010 February, Kinetica Art Fair, P3 Marylebone Road, London  


Selected Solo Exhibitions

 2015 July, ‘Everything Must Go’, William Benington Gallery, London

2014 July, Sam Zealey Retrospective show, Merry Meade House, Brentwood

2013 September, ‘REX’, Tim Sheward Project’s, London


Selected Group Exhibitions

2015 July, Village Green Festive - associated with METAL, Southend On Sea 

2015 April, Gateway public sculpture commission finalists exhibition, South Hill Park Hall - Mirror Gallery, Bracknell   

2015 March, Doppelgänger, No Formate Gallery, London 

2014 June, Face Time an Exhibition in Aid of the Art Room, Threadneedle Space, Mall Galleries, London 

2014 January, Body Mass, Husk Gallery, London

2013 November, Disappearance, NAM Project, Milan, Italy  

2013 June, The FACK! West London Art Prize exhibition Griffin Gallery

2013 June, Broomhill National Sculpture Prize exhibition, Exciter  

2013 May, DIVIDING LINES, High House Gallery, Oxfordshire

2013 May, Sound Track Festival, Geffrye Museum, London 

2013 March, PLURAL, Breese Little Gallery in collaboration with WW Gallery, London

2012 October, ‘Born to be alive - I tell you we must die’, Factory Art Gallery, 2012 Project Berlin, Berlin

2012 July, DIVIDING LINES, Sumarria Lunn Gallery in collaboration with High House Gallery, Oxfordshire     

2012 June, MA SHOW, Royal College of Art, Battersea, London

2012 March, Mechanical Art and Design Museum, Strafford-upon Haven    

2012 March, Construction Gallery, Tooting, London

2012 January, FABRICATORS, Hannah Barry Gallery, Peckham, London

2011 May, INTERIM SHOW, Royal College of Art, The Upper Gulbenkian Gallery, South Kensington, London

2011 March, THE NATURE OF CHANGE, Breese Little Gallery, The Old Truman Brewery, London

2011 March, 'Hello Paradise, what would you like?' - Kingsgate Gallery, London

2011 February, ON THE BRINK, SW1 Gallery, London

2010 November, ANNUAL BURSARY EXHIBITION, RBS Gallery, London

2010 June, ALL SYSTEMS GO, Departure Gallery, London

2010 May, ‘100% Gold standard WHEY’, pop up show, London

2010 May, EMPTY SETS, Waterside Contemporary, London

2010 March, ‘murmurART an introduction’, 20 Hoxton Square, London

2010 February, TACITLY SPEAKING, Backlit Gallery, Nottingham

2009 December, HUNTING THE PHOENIX, Ovada Gallery, Gloucester Green, Oxfordshire

2009 November, REACTION, Camden pop up space’s (London Arts Council), London

2009 October, COME TOGETHER, TAP Gallery, Southend

2009 September, ‘Don‘t raise the bridge lower the river‘, Saatchi Gallery, London

2009 August, Sudley Castle Sculpture Park commission, Gloucestershire

2008 October, SAATCHI’S FIVETEEN, Concrete and Glass Festival, Beach Blanket Babylon, Gallery, London

2008 September, FLOCK2, GX Gallery, London

2008 June, BA SHOW, Wimbledon College of Art, London

2008 May, MIXED TAPE, ADA Gallery, London

2008 February, INTRIM, Wimbledon college of Art, London

2007 June, MISGUIDED SOULS, The Covent Garden Film Studios, London



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2009 November, BBC2 School of Saatchi series Best of British – four episodes 


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Lecturers / Talks / Events

2015 February, Visiting Artist UEL Art School  

2014 November, Brown Bag Bingo charity event

2014 June, Face Time an Exhibition in Aid of the Art Room

2014 May, Essex FM Phoenix Q and A

2013 December, The Princes Trust charity art auction ‘An Evening of Art’

2013 October, SW1 FM Radio – In conversation with Josue Borges Q and A’s about current practice

2013 October, Talk for Pangaea Sculptors’ Centre – ‘How did you do that’? ArtLicks Weekender

2013 January, Deutsche Bank award winners lecture, RCA, London

2012 May, Panel discussion ‘What is Art’ at University Museum of Natural History, Oxford 

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2011 November, Visiting Artist Wimbledon College of Art  

2011 February, Visiting Artist Ashmolean Museum

2010 June, OVARDA Charity Silent Auction, Oxfordshire. 

2010 March, Visiting Artist South Essex college of Art.



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