At the heart of Amy Stephens' artwork is the symbiotic relationship between nature and human agency; of seduction and control; of minimalist precision. Her practice considers the relationship of both found and crafted objects whilst revealing the marks of the maker. There is a raw intimacy to her work that exists in the space between sculpture, assemblage and drawing. Stephens' investigations of line, colour, texture and form reflect a confident aesthetic inspired by architecture and design.

The artist uses an array of materials that are strongly suggestive of urban living. Negation and structural isolation are recurrent throughout with objects and images finding form by layering registers of information. Stephens' fragile sculptural assemblages are described as 'tracings that form the basis of an architectural skeleton' connecting one space to another whilst highlighting the fundamentals of drawing. She creates geometric portals and in-between spaces encouraging exchange round and through. Bright lines, bronze artefacts and playful intervention encourage the viewer to consider both the structure and surface material that form the basis of Stephens work.

Amy lives in London and works at Studio Voltaire London.